Thanks for stopping by. My name is Dennis and I'm the engine under the hood at Sharkshock. It all started with drawings on the paper bags mom would bring home from the grocery store. As a kid I took up many different hobbies but art has always been my passion. A computer science teacher in high school opened the door to graphic design and by college I was totally hooked.


Today Sharkshock is a small design firm and font foundry located in Raleigh, NC. What started out as a small operation blossomed into a successful company with clients all over the planet.


While carefully staying within the lines has it's place, here we encourage you to think outside the box. At Sharkshock design is much more than color, shapes, and the right typeface. Communication is the genesis of the design process. Careful thought is given to each project long before Illustrator or Photoshop are fired up. Have a look around and download a new font or two. (They're all free for personal use) If our work looks like your brand of scotch then by all means contact us!