how it works: the design process












My client and I will engage in a rousing game of ping pong. This back and forth style of communication will help shape our project. ie: "the stars are a little too small." "let's move the letter E over." "can we try the 2nd globe instead?" There will be an agreed upon charge after so many revisions. By the time we reach our final draft only minor tweaks are taking place.

Final Draft:


Once my client is happy with color, graphics, placement, etc. we will have a finished product. All logos will have at least two versions including a black and white. All necessary artwork files will be zipped in a compressed folder awaiting payment.



After the rest of the balance has been paid the files will be sent to the client. If you purchased a font license from me I will imbed your logo into a copy of the font file itself at no extra charge. SUCCESS! Now it's time to celebrate!



Now comes the fun part! After a fresh round of research my brain will be full of inspiration. Ideas in very rough form will then be translated on paper, on the back of a Dunkin Donuts napkin, my computer, etc. These will then be narrowed down.



It's helpful to take a step back from the design and just reflect. This does two things; helps the artist conceptualize and gives the creative juices a break. Often you'll find that the ostrich with sunglasses was a really dumb idea.

1st Draft:


Once we've got several different ideas we're ready for our 1st draft to the client. My notes as to what I was going for will often be detailed. I'll get feedback as to what they like and what they don't. This helps point me in the right direction.

Project Briefing:


After introductions the client will brief me on their project. I'll also collect information in the form of a questionnaire. This will give me vital details such as project time line, requested style, and essential elements. I'll then be able to assess a quote.

Collect deposit:


Once my client is committed I will collect a 50% deposit. This is refundable only before any work has been completed if there's any buyer's remorse. Font licensees will have this waived.



Thorough research will be conducted on the company, it's competition, and the industry itself. Some of this can take place in the field but most of what is needed is online. I'll also be studying design elements and techniques relevant to the project.



"yea but I'm on a budget"

Everyone has a budget to stick to but skimping on your company's logo is a huge mistake. It's a bit like spending good money on a luxury car and then buying the cheapest tires you can possibly find. Don't do it!


Some designers claiming to be professionals will gladly accept your money and then slap something together in a couple of hours. This is all wrong.


Ample time must be spent studying the client's business as well as the customer base they seek to attract. Logo design is a form of communication art especially because there is a dialogue between the designer and business owner. Creative input is exchanged by both sides as revisions eventually pave the way towards a finished product. Any designer that promotes a quick turnaround time over the design process itself should be regarded with caution. Ditto for designers that charge ridiculously low prices. Much like anything these days, you get what you pay for. Seeking the expertise of a professional could mean the difference between having a successful looking logo or one that screams "I was lazy and broke". Don't be that person!


We do our best to work with all kids of budgets. Contact us for a quote!

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