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11/21: Black Friday pricing in effect. Check our Facebook page for details.


10/21: Buy One get one half  on EULAs. Check our Facebook page for details.


7/30: New photography from a shoot in Florida


5/28: New photography from a shoot in Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, and Czech Republic.


4/15: New photography from a shoot in DC


10/26: 8 New fonts added including Helmswald Post, Simpsonfont, and Cowboys 2.0


09/14: Photography trip to London and Prague


3/29: Enchanted Land and Grinched 2.0 updated.

4 new fonts added to fonts section


12/05/16: 9 New fonts added including Wonderbar,

Wicked Mouse, Hennigar, and Medusa Gotchic.


9/15: Photography trip to Colorado Springs


7/7: Café Françoise, Suissnord, Blockletter and Death Star added to fonts.


5/20: Photography trip to Montreal and Ottawa. Prints available in photography section.


4/18: Enchanted Land, Red Seven, and Cronus added to fonts.


4/15: New logo design for Elements.


4/1: Spring photos in Washington DC.


3/7: TypoGraphica updated.


3/1: New logo design for VPR (Veterans for Natural Rights.









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Sharkshock is based in Raleigh NC but we do work with clients from all over the globe. We've been designing things digitally for well over 20 years.


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Sharkshock works with clients all over the world both large and small. We provide creative solutions to everyone from the solo musician in Brooklyn to Fortune 500 global syndicates. We believe that while individual needs may vary strict attention to quality cannot be compromised. That, in itself, is our genuine promise to you. Sharkshock takes great pride in our customers' satisfaction and hopes you'll trust us to take care of you too.

project stream of recent works

Here is a sampling of some of the last projects that I've worked on. The stream will be updated as new material is added.

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